Ostatnio moją uwagę zwróciła…

Ostatnio moją uwagę zwróciła będąca w produkcji gra End State, która zapowiada się… fenomenalnie. Ma to być turowa gra taktyczna i swoimi rozwiązaniami sprawia wrażenie, że wreszcie może być coś dobrego na miarę Jagged Alliance 2, Silent Storm 2, czy starych X-Comów.

Będziemy wybierać najemników, walczyć z wrogami mapach w „otwartym” świecie, ale mapa nie będzie podzielona na sektory. Mimo tego będą po niej np. poruszały się wrogie patrole, generalnie mapa będzie w czasie rzeczywistym (słowa dewelopera: „You are right, there won’t be sectors. There is movement along the roads to mission locations and encounters might happen on the way. It is real-time with pause kind of thing (PS. my favorite old school X-Com is Apocalypse” https://rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/end-state-turn-based-tactics-by-finnish-lunatic.101444/page-6#post-5685820). Gra ma znaleźć się niedługo w Early Access, jest już w produkcji trochę czasu, zatem cieszę się, że dopiero teraz o niej przeczytałem i nie musiałem czekać szmat czasu na konkrety 😛

Z ich strony Steam:

End State is a turn-based tactics game where you manage a mercenary company tracking down a terrorists in a war-torn country. Hire, gear up and gain experience for your mercenaries. Take on rebels and criminal gangs, do side contracts and explore Brekovia.

In END STATE you manage an international mercenary company hired to track down a network of terrorists in a war-torn country where warring rebel groups, criminal organizations and private security forces fight for power. The game is set up as an open-world experience, that gives you freedom to choose what missions to take, who to hire and how to progress towards your targets.


Opportunity Fire triggers a reaction test when an enemy walks in to view. All participants in these situations can choose to shoot which often to intense firefights.

Each bullet is traced through the scene and react with the environment according to its penetration value and the resistances of walls and objects.

The game features a strategic satellite map where you manage your organization, hire operatives, buy gear and find missions. Explore the Eastern European themed Brekovia, encounter enemy patrols, engage road blocks and make contact with the different factions operating within the country.

When you enter a mission on the map, the game switches to tactical scenario where you control each of your soldiers in turn based tactical battle. There are many viable tactics to each scenario, ranging from stealthy take-downs, coordinated assaults, strategically positioned snipers to explosive entry using C-4. Choose the best approach for each mission.

Turn-based tactical combat, with action points and interruptions.
Strategic layer where you manage your operatives, skills, equipment, leads and missions.
Interactive levels with different types of cover, peeking around corners, climbing through windows.
Destructible environments.
Bullet penetration, different materials
40+ weapons. Lots of armor, helmets, grenades and other equipment.
Character appearance customization.
Skills and experience.
Stealth with advanced visibility and hearing systems.

źródło: https://store.steampowered.com/app/580640/End_State/

Mamy mieć możliwość kreacji swojej postaci, choć nie ma tego jeszcze w grze. Kilka dodatkowych informacji:

The tile system in End State is based on 1m1m1m tiles (basically voxels, though we don’t render them that way).
The large building in the above pictures technically has nine floors that each are 1 meter high.
Most buildings are made from 1 meter wide architectural pieces (positioned between tiles), for example 10 meter wall often is 10 separate pieces.
All architectural and other objects are destructable, only exception is the ground.
There is a structure integrity system, which calculates whether architectural pieces have enough support, if not they will collapse.
There are breaching charges and other explosives that you can use to take advantage of these systems.
There is a bullet penetration system, where each level object has a resistance value that is used to calculate if and how well each projectile will penetrate. High-powered rifle rounds often penetrate through multiple walls.
There is a fog-of-war system that illuminates all tiles seen by unit each time it moves or turns, this means calculating through a lot of tiles. It is a multithreaded operation and pretty fast.

Jeszcze kilka gifów na koniec ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




Polecam przejrzeć temat na Codexie:

Jak pojawi się w EA i będzie pozytywny odzew, to chyba sobie kupię, byłaby to moja pierwsza gra w EA ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Wygląda zacnie ( ͡º ͜ʖ͡º)

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