Rozmowa z moim małym…

Rozmowa z moim małym bratankiem 9lvl

B: Andrzej Duda nie wygra tych wyborów wiesz czemu?
Ja: Nie, dlaczego?
B: Bo w telewizji obraził tych ludzi RTSów
B: Nie czekaj jak oni mają, no tych gejów

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Jason Schreier potwierdza, że…

Jason Schreier potwierdza, że ta gra w uniwersum HP istnieje i nie jest skasowana.
Developer? Avalanche Software.
Świat? Open-world, można zwiedzać Hogwart i okolice.
Zapowiedź? Nie wcześniej niż we wrześniu.
Premiera? Pod koniec 2021 roku.
Platformy? Tylko next-gen.
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Właśnie skończyłem…

Właśnie skończyłem najtrudniejszą grę w jaką grałem. I nie o poziom trudności chodzi. Chodzi o fabułę, której nie zapomnę nigdy.
Historia nienawiści, gniewu, walki i dążenia po trupach do celu. W zasadzie to mam takiego kaca moralnego.
Jedna rzecz mi przyszła do głowy po kilku dniach trawienia całej fabuły. Jeżeli pierwsza część była o miłości, a druga o nienawiści, to trzecia cześć powinna być o wybaczaniu.

Jestem ciekaw co te najtydogi wymyślą.
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Zebrane informacje o…

Zebrane informacje o cyberpunku z różnych preview tekstów co wyszły wczoraj

• There are no loading screens aside from the initial load time
• You can kill civilians – both in and out of vehicles
• Waste someone near a cop or local gang – or cause enough trouble and the law/local gang will deal with you…harshly
• Movement is a lot smoother than in The Witcher 3
• The player is nearly always in control of the camera, even during dialogue scenes
• There is a lot of dialogue
• It is nothing like Grand Theft Auto [aesthetically and structure]. This is an RPG
• There are a ton of customization options
• You can choose between a circumcised and non-circumcised penis
• You can get through the entire game without killing anyone
• One of the quests has 7 different outcomes
• The more you use a weapon, the more you can specialize in it
• You can skip time to pass time for quests
• 1 real time hour = 8 in-game hours
• There are no loading screens for fast-travel
• Other than the initial load, there is a brief load when V sleeps
• Combat feels more like Destiny
• Game ran smoothly, but bugs were present
• Quests had a lot of optional tasks that change the outcome
• You don’t feel like the centre of the universe
• Companions are actually useful in combat
• Characters weren’t heard speaking any repeated lines of dialogue
• Your UI is determined by what enhancements you have equipped and by your Life Path
• There are a lot of likeable characters in the game; it’s definitely less „edgy” than previous demos
• The side characters are very interesting
The open-world is stunning. Everyone gushes about the world design, atmosphere and retro-future, lived-in look and feel of it
• The game doles out a lot of interesting lore while being very subtle and casual with it
• There are no lore dumps given to the player – everything is experienced or sought-out by the player
• The world is very well fleshed out and believable
• Due to the changing allegiances of characters; you feel suspicious about every single character you meet
• XBD’s or illegal Braindances are found on the Black Market, or at certain Night Markets sold by seedy individuals
• There are a TON of cybernetics to equip and use as well as enhancements for them
• A lot of focus on verticality
• There is fall damage
• There are children in the game. You cannot kill them
• When selecting Corpo as your Life Path, you begin the game at Arasaka Tower
• When selecting Nomad as your Life Path, you begin in the Badlands
• When selecting Street Kid as your Life Path, you begin in a bar in Night City
• When the tutorial ends, it’s 6 years later and it starts where the E3 2018 gameplay demo began; with the „No Future” elevator
• Trauma Team will tase/shock you if you do not comply with their orders
• Dialogue is delivered very well – nothing B-Movie-like or cheesy
• There are animals – but very few of them. It is implied that they are all artificial
• You cannot pilot AV’s [Aerodynes/flying cars]
• Some YouTube Influencers are in the game – both voice and face
• A humorous talk show is playing on a TV in V’s apartment elevator
• You can talk to everyone – even NPC’s
• You can get side-missions from NPC’s
• Lots of NPC’s in the Watson area – the city feels alive
• Parris didn’t like the handling of the Quadra V-Tech – he said it was too sensitive. The dev said they are still working on that
• Misty and Jackie are romantically inclined
• The Life Path you choose has significant effects on your playthrough. Choices and characters are completely different at times throughout the game depending on your selection
• Yorinobu Arasaka has the Johnny Silverhand chip
• Gun Shops can offer you missions
• The weather effects are stunning
• The lighting effects are next-level
• The Maelstrom Flathead mission played similar to the old demo – except that Royce isn’t given the chip and he shot him in the head, so no boss fight since…he’s dead. The original Maelstrom gang leader is in the building somewhere
• if you don’t intervene when Jackie is arguing with the Maelstrom ganger, shit goes down early
• There is a roaming CyberPsycho NPC killing police with a high-powered sniper rifle
• The streaming hands-on had lag and streaming issues – which is to be expected
• Night City is HUGE
• 4 hours is beyond barely scratching the surface
• Lots of reviewers just watched the world and found it mesmerizing
• The No-Tell Motel is in the game
• There are so many choices and options that it feels overwhelming; before you learn to take things in stride
• During melee – you have an attack button, a dodge button and a block button. If you time your block at the moment of impact, you will perform a counterattack. This applies to swords and knives as well
• The music is amazing – both the score and the music on the radio stations
• It really feels like playing a tabletop RPG, in terms of the player’s freedom of choice, character creation, options available, mission choices/consequences and stat management
• Choices feel meaningful and not just fluff. There is a palpable weight to your choices
• Character models are impressive – but nothing Earth-shatteringly next-level
• The world feels alive – living and breathing. This is due to the atmosphere, NPC animations/ chatter and the lighting & textures
• Most everything in the trailer was from the prologue of the game
• Blessing Adeoye Jr. thinks the game might get delayed again.
• Driving feels great – slightly GTA-ish, but weighty
• There are upwards of a dozen radio stations [12+]
• There is a Rock music station
• You can hear live police reports through the radio
• It was reiterated that all of the music on the radio is comprised of all original, new songs performed by famous artists and CD Projekt Red’s own sound team
• Side-quests are extremely varied
• The map is obscenely packed with things to see and do
• You can enter most every building
• Katanas aren’t Pink by defaul
• Lots of attribute perks with trees of upgrades attached to each one
• Corpo Life Path begins with your boss asking you to break the law
• Blessing Adeoye Jr. theorized that all 3 Life Paths may lead to 3 mostly different game experiences for the entirety of the game
• Huge variety of weapons. Even similar weapons have entirely different stats and abilities
• Some side-missions can affect things in the Golden Path
• Most players really liked the Braindance segments – some found it boring
• Excitement for November 19th was unanimous among all players at the hands-on events
• It is 100% an RPG first, shooter second
• Cyberpunk 2077 is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Revolution on steroids
• Most players liked the shooting mechanics
• Vehicles all have unique interiors
• This game is very much an RPG, where you actually have to role-play as the character you want to play. Example is building a scrawny Netrunner and having to talk your way out of fights, due to your low physical constitution that isn’t conducive for taking damage. You have to use your mind; as a Netrunner would.
• Grenades have a dome-shaped area of effect displayed while aiming before you release them
• Braindance functions like Rick Deckard’s Esper computer in Blade Runner; were you can take an event and cycle through it – zooming in-and-out searching for clues. The advantage to Braindance, is that it can be played at normal speed, rewound, fast-forwarded and slowed down; as well as applying different filters such as infrared and thermal to root out any possible details or clues that may be evident in the footage.
• Similar to Grand Theft Auto, you can undertake „Vigilante” missions to help out the Night City Police Department by foiling crimes and arresting gangers, thugs and CyberPsychos
• There are „Bounty” missions in the game. One of which has you tracking down an infamous and extremely dangerous gang of CyberPsychos
• Sometimes when you gain a level you’ll get an attribute point. No word on how often this happens, as you don’t get one everytime you gain a level
• Your perk skill levels can not be higher than the corresponding attribute level; so for example if your governing skill for Stealth is 6, you’re Stealth skill perks cannot go above 6 – unless you increase that governing attribute’s number to 7 or higher
• Every skill in the game has between 20 and 30 perk options
• Street Cred is not a morality system – it can only go up
• There are some items in stores and from vendors that you can only buy if you are well renowned in Night City
• There are Witcher Easter Eggs in the game. A Ciri Easter Egg was mentioned
• You can go on Grand Theft Auto style „Rampages”
• You can add Cybernetic enhancements to your circulatory system
• None of the bugs experienced were severe and should be fixed before launch
• The gunplay wasn’t as impressive as it could be, as their character was just starting out and at a low level
• Cutscenes are in real-time and you can interact with them at all times – even changing the many possible outcomes based on your actions and observations
• There is a „Metriod-esque” trope at the start, where after the tutorial if flashes 6 years later and all your Cyberware and abilities are stripped away; forcing you to start from scratch
• No official confirmation of a photo mode
• RTX is a game changer with reflections and lighting – especially at night
• Sound effects are cinematic in quality – the game has a very expensive sound design
• There is a very Japanese/Blade Runner style side street with electrical cables hanging above you between the buildings and rows of vendors and noodle bars
• You can watch commercials on TV
• You still can’t customize your apartment
• Every building you enter is insanely detailed
• Your jaw will drop when you see the Skill Perk Tree – it is like a humongous spider web – far larger than the Attribute Tree shown last year
• Auto-Aim can be toggled on and off. It was set to „On” for everyone’s hands-on experience
• You can steal cars, trucks and motorcycles – even shooting the driver and then taking the vehicle
• You can no longer select a wardrobe item off a hanger from the closet in your apartment. That is done via the character equipment menu. You can see your clothes in the closet –
• Aside from the Mantis Blades, you can also get forearm missles that pop out and then retract after use [or at your command] like Iron Man
• You can take enemy weapons and use them
• Although after the tutorial players could do whatever they wanted, they were confined to Watson.
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Szkoda, że Cyberpunka 2077…

Szkoda, że Cyberpunka 2077 nie robi rockstars, tak to jest jak za grę AAA zabiera się firma bez doświadczenia.
Model jazdy rodem z Micromachines, miasto widmo bez żadnego życia, wszędzie ślicznie i kolorowo, aż do porzygu.
Szykuję się niezła klapa.

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